Fuerteventura Surf Guide

Fuerteventura Surf Spots. Interactive map highlighting various surf spots across Fuerteventura, complete with clickable links to detailed spot descriptions and photos.

The Ultimate Guide to Fuerteventura's Surf Spots: from Beginner Sandy Beaches to Expert Reef Breaks

We have created the definitive guide to the surf spots in Fuerteventura, equipped with an interactive map, detailed sheets and photos for each location.
In surfing, understanding sea, tide and wind forecasts is essential. So our guide gives you technical information such as skill requirements, wave types, sea strength, optimal tides and winds…

The Canary Islands are often called the Hawaii of Europe, thanks to the excellent surfing conditions. Fuerteventura boasts the largest number of beaches in the Canary archipelago. And it’s a surfer’s paradise. In fact, the island has surf spots for all levels, green waves on a sandy bottom for beginners, reef brake and big wave spots suitable for experts.

Discover the Fuerteventura Surf Spot that is ideal for you.

Visit our exclusive live webcams in Fuerteventura to check the surf conditions in real time.

Check the surfing forecast on Fuerteventura Surf Report.

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