Promotion and advertising services for Fuerteventura island related business activities

Promotion and advertising services :

We provide advertising solutions optimized for businesses of all types and sizes, with pricing adjusted to your goals and budget.


Pay per view Banners : (locations Top, Superior and Medium)

Your banner will be randomly displayed into the selected location on all of the website pages, together with two other advertisers (total banners number : 3).  Price per month and at least 30.000 monthly views :

Location Size 12 months subscription
6 months subscription
3 months subscription
Top 1100x110 px (1) 240 € / month 300 € / month 360 € / month
Superior 190x250 px 210 € / month 240 € / month 270 € / month
Medium 190x190 px 150 € / month 180 € / month 210 € / month

IGIC (7%) not included.

(1) Size on screen with at least a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels; on smaller screen resolution, the banner size will be reduced to fit the available space.


Module page Banner : (location Start)

Choose your preferred page on the website to display your banner. Each page of the website displays a module in the “Start” location, which may contain up to 3 banners (190x190 px) at the same time. The banners sorting order switches every time the page is loaded.

Location Size 12 months subscription 6 months subscription 3 months subscription
Start 190 x 190 px 20 € / month 25 € / month 30 € / month

IGIC (7%) not included.


Maps and Guide :

Business listings categorized into sections and presented using guide and maps.

Listing subscription features and benefits :

  • full listing with unlimited text description and photos in your selected business category ;
  • your customized icon in map view ;
  • your personal banner (190x190px), with direct link to your web page, in the right-hand column of the guide and the corresponding map of your business category, the banners sorting order switches every time the page is loaded ;
  • Limited places available : 12 by business category.
Subscrition Banner size 6 months subscription 3 months subscription 1 month subscription
Unique category
190 x 190 px 20 € / month 25 € / month 30 € / month
Additional category
190 x 190 px +5 € / month +5 € / month +5 € / month

IGIC (7%) not included.

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Customized solutions :

Whatever your needs, we have a suitable response. Please contact us for a tailor-made solution adapted to your needs : webcam support, advertorial / promotional report, sponsored contest, mailing campaign, website design and management, SEO optimization...


About us : is the website dedicated to the promotion of Fuerteventura island, offering the information and services most in demand by travellers and residents of the island :

- live webcams on the beaches ;

- real time weather data and weather forecasting, detailed beach conditions ;

- full marine forecasts for surfing, fishing and other water-sports activities (wind, swell and tide predictions) ;

- island maps and guide : beach reports, tourist attractions, shopping places, restaurants, practical information...

Audience :

+150.000 pages views every month (*) :


Search terms most used by the visitors (*) :

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(*) Source : Google Analytics – 28/02/2015


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