Explore the picturesque beauty of Fuerteventura with our live webcams. Located in the Atlantic Ocean, Fuerteventura is the easternmost and second largest island of the Canary Islands, just 80 km from the Moroccan coast. The island enjoys 320 days of sunshine a year, maintaining pleasant and constant temperatures. It offers a wide variety of beaches, from white and golden to black volcanic sands, many of which are located within protected natural areas. These factors contribute to making Fuerteventura one of the top tourist destinations in Europe.

Our exclusive live webcams in Fuerteventura help you plan your day by providing up-to-date information on weather and beach conditions. Before heading out, you can choose the ideal beach for your day based on the current atmospheric and marine conditions. Thousands of people access our FuerteventuraPlayas live webcams daily to select their next destination. This tool is also extremely useful for surfers and water sports enthusiasts to assess sea and wind conditions in real time.

Corralejo Live Webcams:

  • Corralejo El Campanario: This historic webcam offers views of the Rocky Point surf spot and the island of Los Lobos. It’s popular among tourists, swimmers and surfers.
  • Corralejo Bay: This advanced webcam provides panoramic and zoomable views of Corralejo Bay, helping you assess wind and swell conditions for various water activities.
  • Corralejo Viejo: This webcam showcases the beach at the center of Corralejo, popular among families due to its sandy and easily accessible shore.
  • Corralejo Rocky Point: Favored by surfers, this cam monitors Corralejo’s key surf spot, also known as Punta Elena.
  • Corralejo Bristol: This cam serves as a gateway to the North Shore, covering a dirt road that leads to multiple surf spots between Corralejo and El Cotillo.

El Cotillo Live Webcams:

  • Cotillo Piedra Playa: Known for surfing and other water sports, this webcam lets you gauge the wind and sea conditions on Fuerteventura’s west coast.
  • Cotillo Ocean View: Offers a glimpse of Cotillo’s historic center and old port, and is popular among tourists visiting this charming fishing village.
  • Cotillo – La Concha: Famous for its crystal-clear natural lagoon, this beach is a hit with swimmers and families, offering views of some of Fuerteventura’s most beautiful sunsets.

North Shore Live Webcams:

  • El Hierro: A renowned advanced surf spot, attracting thousands of daily visits for its powerful waves.
  • Majanicho: Another hotspot for surf, windsurf, and wing foil enthusiasts.

Lajares Live Webcam:

  • Lajares – Calderòn Hondo: This tourist webcam displays the famous Calderòn Hondo volcano, a hiking destination that offers a stunning 360-degree view of northern Fuerteventura.

Sotavento Live Webcam:

  • Provided by Rene Egli, a global leader in Windsurfing and Kitesurfing, this webcam covers the main kitesurfing, windsurfing, and wing foil spot in southern Fuerteventura. Depending on lunar cycles, it also shows up to 3 km of stunning natural lagoons with crystal-clear, shallow waters.

Airport Live Webcam:

  • Just 5 km from Puerto del Rosario, Fuerteventura Airport is the island’s main gateway. Welcoming many visitors daily, the airport connects them to the island’s sunny charm. Watch planes take off, land, and taxi via the live webcam at the Fuerteventura Airport.
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