Ajuy: The Picturesque Village, The Black Beach And The Spectacular Volcanic Caves

The picturesque bay of Ajuy extends for just 270 meters and stands out for its black, fine and luminous sand. This pristine shore overlooks the quiet fishing village of Ajuy, and to reach the beach, you need to pass through this idyllic village. Adjacent to the beach, a stony path leads visitors to one of Fuerteventura’s oldest and wildest areas. The area’s main attraction is the stunning volcanic caves of Ajuy. These caves, with a history spanning seventy million years and heights of up to 40 meters, tell tales of erosion, water, and time. They have also played host to numerous pirate legends and adventures, so if you decide to explore them, we recommend wearing comfortable shoes.


Ajuy is located on the west coast of Fuerteventura, in the municipality of Pájara, about 28 kilometers away from La Pared. By walking along a 45-minute trail, visitors can admire spectacular views of nature. The trail winds past two enormous lime kilns, which are natural monuments, and ends at a lookout perched atop magnificent cliffs. From here, breathtaking views of the sea and fossil-rich rock formations captivate both adults and children. To access this paradisiacal beach, you have the choice of driving or taking a bus.

Activities and Facilities

After a full day of exploration, you can relax in one of the restaurants overlooking the bay, where you can enjoy traditional Canarian dishes while admiring a romantic sunset.
While Ajuy’s waters are ideal for swimming on calm days, when the currents intensify, it’s best to proceed with caution.
Additionally, the nearby Charcones de Ajuy beckon visitors. These hidden gems of the island are small natural pools nestled at the base of towering cliffs. While it’s best to dip into these pools during low tide, the panoramic views they offer are consistently breathtaking.

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