La Solapa

La Solapa: Volcanic Black Sand and Untouched Natural Beauty

La Solapa stretches out for just over 400 meters as a natural and untouched beach, showcasing fine black and golden sand. The cliffs provide shaded areas, while during low tide the massive rocks reveal themselves, forming stunning coves filled with crystal-clear waters. Stay until sunset to witness a magnificent display. It’s one of those rare and unforgettable natural spectacles. As the colors shift from red to orange and then to yellow, they envelop the beach and reflect off the rocks, creating extraordinary light effects. Some scenes from the Eternals series were filmed on this beach.


La Solapa beach is situated on the south of Fuerteventura’s west coast, approximately 7 km from Pájara. To get there, you’ll need to take a dirt road for 4 km before reaching the car park.

Activities and Facilities

Playa La Solapa is untouched and secluded; make sure to bring all the essentials with you. This unspoiled beach is the perfect place to unplug from the world and forget that it exists; here you can practice nudism, go for walks and take photos of the majestic landscape.
You should exercise caution while bathing and swimming, since the entire west coast has strong currents. It’s recommended to swim only on days when the sea is calm. 

Water Sports:

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