El Dormidero

Discover Playa El Dormidero: Breathtaking Views in the Natural Park of Corralejo

El Dormidero Beach, part of the “Corralejo Grandes Playas”, stands out for its magnificent dunes, fine golden sand and calm waters ideal for swimming on calm sea days. This quiet and isolated place, also known for its nudism-friendly nature, offers a serene experience, away from the typical noise of the city and rarely crowded, making it the perfect destination for those seeking relaxation.


Located north of Fuerteventura, in the municipality of La Oliva, El Dormidero is north of Glass Beach and is easily accessible by car from both nearby Corralejo and Parque Holandes. Its isolated location contributes to its unique charm.

Activities and Facilities

Despite its isolated and peaceful nature, Playa El Dormidero offers fantastic views: looking north you can admire the Corralejo Dunes, while to the south we see Montaña Roja and the Natural Park. The relaxed atmosphere and low turnout make it ideal for those looking for a peaceful experience, away from typical noise sources.

Water Sports:

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