Playa Vigocho: Marvelous Rock Formations and Natural Beauties

Vigocho Beach, also known as Playa de Chiguigos, stands out for its fine sand in a grey-black shade, occasionally dotted with small round stones. This natural bay, approximately 90 meters long and up to 70 meters wide, is an oasis of tranquility, embraced by extraordinary rock formations that give it a mystical atmosphere. The larger rocks offer shade, making it an ideal place to relax and enjoy the view.
Despite its beauty, few tourists venture here, ensuring an almost hassle-free experience.


Located on the southwestern coast of Fuerteventura, the beach is approximately 5 km north of La Pared. A dirt road guides visitors to this secluded cove. On a clear day, you can admire the impressive panorama of Playa de Cofete and Barlovento from the beach.

Activities and Facilities

Vigocho Beach offers breathtaking underwater views and a fascinating setting, considered one of the most beautiful on the island. However, visitors should be careful of strong currents and often rough seas. For those who want services and restaurants, the village of La Pared, located just 5 km away, offers several options. So if you’re planning a visit, be sure to bring supplies with you.

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Water Sports:

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