Playa Garcey

Garcey Beach: Fuerteventura's Untouched Beauty & Surfer's Paradise

Playa Garcey, known for its breathtaking scenery, extends for approximately 500 metres. Its distinct white sand, interspersed with black pebbles, makes it one of the most fascinating beaches on the island. But what really sets it apart is the wreck of the “ghost” American Star, wrecked more than two decades ago, an attraction that has captured the attention of many visitors. Its unique rock formations create a picturesque view, making every visit an unforgettable experience.


Located in Jandía, Pájara, in the south-west of Fuerteventura, Garcey Beach offers a refuge away from crowded tourist destinations. Despite its privileged position, central on the island, it has remained uninvaded thanks to somewhat challenging access. The dirt road leading to the beach is best navigated by off-road vehicles. But this little obstacle makes it worth it, especially with nearby attractions like the Parque Rural de Betancuria and the Cuevas de Ajuy.

Activities and Facilities

While Playa Garcey invites relaxation and contemplation, it also offers opportunities for water sports enthusiasts. With its powerful waves, the beach is a paradise for surfers and paddle surfing enthusiasts. However, due to the strong currents, caution is advised if you decide to swim. Each year, the beach hosts the Garcey Surf and BodyBoard Championship, an event that attracts over 100 top-level athletes. Given its remote nature, the beach offers no services, so it is essential to come prepared.

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Water Sports:

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