Viejo Rey – La Pared

Viejo Rey: Untouched Beauty for Surfers and Nature Lovers

Viejo Rey beach, often referred to as La Pared due to its proximity to the village of the same name, stands as a wild and pristine treasure. Spanning 500 meters, this beach boasts fine dark sand bordered by imposing cliffs. Magnificent sand dunes further elevate the scenic beauty, providing a striking contrast to the azure waters of the Atlantic Ocean. At low tide, explore the beach to uncover smaller, secluded coves that promise serenity and seclusion.


Located on the southwestern coast of Fuerteventura, Viejo Rey is close to the village of La Pared. A journey along a dirt road outside this town leads to the untamed beach of La Pared, named after the wall (‘pared’ in Spanish) that historically divided the island.

Activities and Facilities

Viejo Rey is a surfer’s dream. The beach features formidable walls of water, creating thrilling opportunities for wave riders to experience the ocean’s might. Yet, one of the most captivating moments at Playa Viejo Rey is the sunset. As dusk approaches, the golden hour casts a warm, gentle glow over the beach, invoking a sense of magic. Photographers can seize countless chances to snap dramatic silhouettes against a backdrop of a fiery sky, with waves crashing onto rocks, amplifying the coastal spectacle.

So, whether you’re a surfer craving adrenaline or a nature enthusiast in search of untouched beauty, Viejo Rey undeniably offers a lasting impression of Fuerteventura’s natural splendor.

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