La Lajita

La Lajita: Romantic and Secluded Dark Sand Oasis

If you’re searching for a secluded, romantic, and idyllic beach, La Lajita is the perfect choice. The beach stretches approximately 900 meters in length and spans 20 meters in width. It boasts black sand interspersed with beautiful pebbles. Surrounding the beach, small cliffs rise, and the crystal-clear waters gently kiss the shore.


Located just ten kilometers north of Costa Calma in the town of Pájara in Fuerteventura, La Lajita bay sits opposite the fishing village bearing the same name. This delightful coastal village also houses Oasis Wild Life Fuerteventura, a combination of a zoo and expansive botanical park. Here, visitors have the chance to encounter a vast array of plant and animal species. The location is accessible by both car and bus.

Activities and Facilities

La Lajita stands as an ideal destination for a beach day, offering hours of serene relaxation away from large crowds. It provides basic amenities for your comfort, allowing you to savor a peaceful sea view. Moreover, local restaurants give you the opportunity to indulge in authentic local dishes.

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Beach Facilities:

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