Las Salinas del Carmen

Salinas del Carmen: The Serene Beach Near the Salt Museum

Playa de las Salinas, more commonly known as Salinas del Carmen beach, stands out with its fine sand interspersed with small pebbles. The clear waters here are almost always calm, thanks to the seabed which acts as a natural barrier to wave motion. Notably, the beach’s morphology undergoes a dramatic transformation with the tidal cycle’s alternation. Dry boats and the few white-colored houses around provide a nostalgic glimpse into Fuerteventura’s past, painting a retro image of the island.


Located a mere 3km south of Caleta de Fuste, Salinas del Carmen beach lies adjacent to Fuerteventura’s only remaining operational salt pan. This beach is nestled within the quaint fishing village of Las Salinas, and is flanked by several houses, most of which are inhabited by local fishermen.

Activities and Facilities

Despite its serene beauty, only a few swimmers typically dot the shoreline, ensuring a peaceful environment for visitors seeking undisturbed relaxation. For those looking to indulge in the local culinary delights, a nearby restaurant offers freshly caught fish. On the other side, visitors can enrich their knowledge at the Salt Museum, which stands proudly next to the expansive salt pan.

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Beach Facilities:

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