La Guirra

La Guirra Beach: Top-Tier Amenities Designed For Families And Swimmers

La Guirra beach is renowned for its golden sands and tranquil waters. Designed specifically for tourists and visitors from nearby hotels, it stands out not only because of its pristine maintenance but also due to its unique artificial nature. Furthermore, the beach setting, enhanced by numerous palm trees and a semi-urban ambiance, ensures a medium-low influx. Thus, for those seeking a serene escape, it becomes the perfect haven, balancing both tranquility and top-tier facilities.


Nestled in Caleta de Fuste, the most touristic precinct of the Antigua municipality, La Guirra beach graces the west coast of Fuerteventura. Its strategic location, a magnet for both tourists and locals alike, is further complemented by its easy accessibility. Those venturing to this beachside gem will find convenient driving routes leading straight to the bay.

Activities and Facilities

La Guirra boasts top-notch facilities tailored especially for its diverse visitors. Firstly, the beach ensures safety with its calm waves and, consequently, the lack of strong currents. This makes it particularly ideal for families and beginner swimmers. Moreover, lifeguard services stand ready to assist, and for added convenience, both beach chairs and bathrooms are readily available. Adjacent to the beach, bars and restaurants provide a tempting opportunity for visitors to savor local flavors. Furthermore, during peak seasons, the community doesn’t just organize various activities for both adults and children, but also ensures a giant board prominently displays daily events, so visitors remain both informed and engaged.

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Beach Facilities:

Water Sports:

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