Pozo Negro

Pozo Negro: A Fishing Village Nestled in Volcanic Splendor

Pozo Negro is an unspoiled fishing village characterized by white houses and a pristine, dark-colored beach. The reddish hills that surround the bay provide a distinct backdrop, contrasting vividly with the volcanic hue of the beach. The beach at Pozo Negro consists of black stones interspersed with sandy patches. Millions of years ago, one of the island’s final lava flows gave birth to this unique black beach, which stands in stark contrast to the nearby reddish mountains. The remnants of the magma flow are still visible, extending into the sea.


This quaint village lies within the municipality of Antigua on Fuerteventura’s east coast and is easily accessible by car.

Activities and Facilities

It remains one of the few coves untouched by tourism. Despite Fuerteventura often being subjected to strong winds, Pozo Negro is relatively sheltered, although the waves can sometimes make swimming challenging. Food enthusiasts frequent the beach, drawn by its two restaurants renowned for their exotic fish and seafood dishes.

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Beach Facilities:

Water Sports:

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