Punta Salinas

Punta Salinas: A Tranquil and Relaxing Beach Away from Mass Tourism

Punta Salinas is a natural beach in the far south of Fuerteventura. The beach is made up of rock formations and stone towers, but there are also some sandy areas. Here, you’ll find tranquility and relaxation away from the bustling vacation spots of Morro Jable. This small, remote beach is far from the mass tourism of Morro Jable. It is the perfect place for wildlife lovers who want to explore pristine areas.


Located just 3 km from Puerto de la Cruz, you can access Punta Salinas by a dirt road that begins at Morro Jable.

Activities and Facilities

From this natural bay, you can admire the panorama, letting your gaze wander up to the Faro de Jandía lighthouse. However, it is important to bring food and drinks with you, as there are no commercial facilities nearby.
The Punta Salinas surf spot, suitable exclusively for expert surfers, is located in this area.

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Water Sports:

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