Puerto de La Cruz

Puerto de la Cruz: a serene Fishing Refuge with a pristine white beach

Puertito de la Cruz nestles in the Parque Natural de Jandía in southern Fuerteventura. Just a stone’s throw away, the Beach sits next to Puertito de la Cruz, a charming fishing village on the island’s southern tip. Visitors encounter a pristine white sand landscape. But because of the strong currents, swimmers need to take care.


The beach is situated near the Punta de Jandía lighthouse and is accessible by car through a dirt road originating from Morro Jable.

Activities and Facilities

Puerto de la Cruz offers a hidden treasure, inviting tourists to hike and dive into the region’s natural beauty. Adventurous souls must explore this location. Also, its peaceful, untouched shores welcome naturism enthusiasts.

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Beach Facilities:

Water Sports:

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