Baja Gómez

Baja Gómez: An Untouched Beach on the Jandía Peninsula

Baja Gómez, also known as Playa Juan Gomez, is a serene and infrequently visited natural bay. The beach boasts fine golden sand interspersed with black pebbles of volcanic lava. Circular stone piles offer wind protection for visitors. Baja de Juan Gómez serves as an ideal destination for those yearning for a secluded and peaceful retreat amidst a wild and untouched setting.


Situated on the Jandía peninsula, in the municipality of Pájara and distant from urban centers, Baja Gómez presents itself as a captivating natural area ripe for tourist exploration. Access to the beach is via a sandy path

Activities and Facilities

From this natural bay, you can admire the panorama, letting your gaze wander up to the Faro de Jandía lighthouse. However, it is important to bring food and drinks with you, as there are no commercial facilities nearby

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Water Sports:

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