Playa de Ojos

Discover Playa de Ojos: Fuerteventura's Hidden Gem

Playa de Ojos, also referred to as Playa El Tigre, is a secluded virgin beach. Split by a sizable rock, its sandy shores boast white and yellow hues. Despite spanning just 70 meters, it radiates charm thanks to its tranquil and pristine surroundings.


Situated in the municipality of Pajara in southern Fuerteventura, you can access Playa de Ojos by car via the dirt road originating from Morro Jable. The beach nestles beneath a cliff, which you can descend using a set of stairs.

Activities and Facilities

Playa El Tigre offers an ideal setting for relaxation, sunbathing, and immersing oneself in nature. However, swimming is discouraged due to the potent currents. Notably, the beach also serves as a surfing spot, primarily catering to seasoned surfers.

Check the data sheet for the surf spot.

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Water Sports:

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