El Mejillón – Popcorn Beach

Explore Playa Mejillones: A Unique Landscape of Petite White Corals and Majestic Waves

Playa El Mejillón, also known as Popcorn Beach, shines as a wild gem on Fuerteventura’s north coast. Its unique name comes from the captivating spread of white “popcorn” – small white corals that currents have brought ashore. Please respect nature and leave the corals in their place. With its enchanting volcanic landscape and the island of Lanzarote in the backdrop, Playa del Mejillon draws many tourists.


You’ll find Mejillon on Fuerteventura’s north coast, accessible via the dirt road from either Corralejo or Majanicho.

Activities and Facilities

Here in El Mejillon the sea is very powerful, in fact it is also famous for the wave that forms in front of the beach, known as one of the largest and most powerful waves in Fuerteventura. Only experienced surfers should attempt it. Check El Mejillon surf spot sheet. During the days of big waves, nature offers a spectacular show. There are no facilities.

Water Sports:

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