El Charco de Bristol

El Charco de Bristol: Enjoy the Tranquility of a Semi-Urban, Dog-Friendly Beach in Corralejo

El Charco de Bristol is a uncrowded semi-urban beach. It’s nestled in Corralejo, the most popular tourist hotspot in the municipality of La Oliva. Spanning roughly 100 meters in length and 30 meters in width, this beach lies in the northern reaches of Corralejo.

At El Charco del Bristol, dog owners can stroll with their pets. However, they must follow the guidelines outlined on posted signs. This beach offers a splendid chance for those wishing to enjoy the seaside alongside their four-legged friends.

The beach boasts golden sand. It’s bordered by the distinct dark, jagged rocks native to the island’s northern region. The waters here are shallow and rich with vibrant algae. This spot holds significant landscape and botanical value. It houses various plant species that have become rare on the island. During specific times of the year, El Charco de Bristol draws numerous bird species. It serves as a favored nesting ground during their breeding seasons.

Watch the live webcam of the Bristol Charco.


El Charco de Bristol is located in the northernmost area of Corralejo, where there are wind turbines. Where the North-Shore begins, a dirt road that runs along the coast connecting Corralejo, Majanicho and El Cotillo.

Activities and Facilities

El Bristol in Corralejo is also a Windsurf spot, suitable only for expert, check the technical sheet.
In this part of Corralejo, you’ll find the renowned surf spot El Muelle, also known as Harbor Wall.

Water Sports:

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