Roque del Moro

Roque del Moro: The Majesty of the Monolithic Rock

The Roque del Moro is a huge monolithic rock that emerges from the sea. The beach captivates visitors with its clear waters, golden sand, secluded location and cinematic atmosphere. Harmoniously blended shades paint its idyllic natural landscape.


You’ll find Roque del Moro in Parque Natural de Jandía, bordering the southern edge of Cofete Beach in Pájara, Fuerteventura. A dirt path leads directly to the beach, perfect for those driving a 4×4. But if you want to see the rock formation, you should walk a couple of kilometers along the road towards Cofete. Here a sign indicates where to park safely. The trek is not overly strenuous and allows you to savor breathtaking scenery as you go.

Activities and Facilities

Hiking enthusiasts will love the trail that reveals vibrant views and rock formations that look like sculpted marble. Nudists often choose this beach to relax and immerse themselves in its peaceful atmosphere. Photographers find Roque del Moro beach irresistible, as it offers countless photographic opportunities.

Due to the strong waves it is recommended to swim in shallow water. Experienced surfers will find excellent surfing conditions. The area also features designated fishing areas and a large natural pool, which will enhance your experience in this tranquil setting.

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Water Sports:

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