Exploring Cofete: Fuerteventura's Untouched Paradise

Located in the northern region of the Jandía peninsula, Cofete Beach stretches across fourteen kilometers. Its brilliant golden sand and clear waters, juxtaposed with powerful waves, establish it as one of Fuerteventura’s premier destinations. The beach’s raw beauty, underscored by the strong currents, endears it to thrill-seekers. The breathtaking Jandía mountains, visible from the Degollada Agua Oveja vantage point, cradle Cofete, enhancing its picturesque allure. This captivating setting has left its mark on the works of renowned writers and directors.


While Cofete Beach exudes a sense of remoteness, it’s conveniently positioned near the namesake village of Cofete. En route to the beach, visitors can discover historical gems like Gustav Winter’s mansion, impeccably preserved dry stone cottages, and a serene historical cemetery. Reaching the beach provides two main choices: navigating a dirt road by car or boarding the 4×4 bus service, which links Cofete to Puertito de la Cruz and Morro Jable in an estimated two hours.

Activities and Facilities

Swimming in Cofete is not recommended due to strong currents. However, experienced surfers can enjoy the waves. For details, consult the technical data sheet of the surf spots. In addition to its beach, the village of Cofete offers unique experiences. Here you can dine in a restaurant, visit an art gallery or admire unforgettable views. It is possible to encounter donkeys and goats roaming freely. The pristine beauty combining nature and activities attracts both tourists and locals.

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Water Sports:

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