Rustic Charm of Playa Tebeto: A Wild Retreat on Fuerteventura's Northwestern Coast

Tebeto Beach exudes the characteristic atmosphere of remote beaches: rustic and wild. The presence of imposing cliffs, dunes and wild vegetation adds to its unique panorama. The sandy part of the beach is relatively small and interspersed with rocks of various sizes, some large enough for visitors to sit on. It is located at the mouth of the Tebeto ravine, nestled between numerous rocky escarpments, creating one of the most characteristic natural landscapes in the area.


Playa Tebeto, also known as Tindaya Beach, is located on Fuerteventura’s northwestern coast, close to the town of Tindaya in La Oliva. 
The best way to reach the beach is from Tindaya, following an accessible road for a few kilometers.


You should only swim at Playa Tebeto on days when the sea is calm. This beach has no services and is located in an uninhabited, quiet and peaceful area. The nearest town where you can find some services is Tindaya, 6 km away.

Water Sports:

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