La Mujer

La Mujer Beach, Tindaya in Fuerteventura

Discovering Play De La Mujer: Fuerteventura's Secret Gem

La Mujer is a secluded, pristine beach characterized by golden sand and shimmering turquoise waters. Nestled between imposing cliffs, access can be challenging. During low tide, small natural pools emerge, creating a perfect setting for relaxation and swimming.


Located within the municipality of La Oliva on Fuerteventura’s west coast, La Mujer Beach remains a hidden gem. To find it, one must journey between Playa Tebeto and Playa Jarugo, in the vicinity of Tindaya. An uncomplicated dirt road, originating from Tindaya, leads the way. Upon arrival, parking is available atop the cliff.

Activities and Facilities

This scarcely-known, almost secret beach attracts naturists and is exceptionally peaceful. However, swimming in its sea is discouraged due to the strong waves and currents. The beach’s pristine nature is accentuated by the tranquility of its sparsely populated surroundings.

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Water Sports:

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