Playa La Escalera

Unlocking the Secrets of Playa La Escalera: A Pristine Beach with Breathtaking Access via Steep Stairs

Playa La Escalera, also known as Playa del Aguila, is a secluded virgin beach with fine golden sand. To reach the beach, visitors must navigate a steep staircase, which lends the beach its name. This staircase, partly made of concrete, has some challenging steps. It’s best to visit during low tide as high tide can submerge most of the beach. Due to its remote location, La Escalera retains its untouched beauty, with surrounding cliffs and rock formations enhancing the area’s natural splendor.


Playa La Escalera is situated in the municipality of La Oliva, nestled in a cove to the south of El Cotillo. To reach it, one must take the dirt road from El Cotillo to Piedra Playa for about 4 km.

Activities and Facilities

It is advisable to bathe or swim only on days with calm seas due to the strong currents. La Escalera is in fact a spot where you can surf thanks to a good sea force. Check the technical sheet for surfing in La Escalera.

Water Sports:

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