El Junquillo

Playa del Junquillo: A Fuerteventura Therapeutic Terrain

Playa del Junquillo sits at the mouth of the ravine it’s named after. This secluded coastline stretches several hundred metres with dark sand and pebbles. Small natural pools invite you for a refreshing dip. Its charm remains unspoiled without commercial services, preserving its pristine beauty. The turquoise, clean waters contrast beautifully with the black sand and stones, but swimmers should be cautious of the often rough sea and strong currents.


El Junquillo beach is located in Betancuria, forty minutes from Antigua and 6 kilometers from the beach from Aguas Verdes.
Although it is located just 6 kilometers from Playa del Valle, traversing the terrain is easier with an all-terrain vehicle. The road is wide, allowing you to park near the ravine, a short 300 meter walk will take visitors directly to the beach.

Activities and Facilities

In the Playa del Junquillo area, volcanic mud baths are traditional. The volcanic land of Fuerteventura is known for its beneficial properties for the skin, helping to cure problems such as eczema and psoriasis. This mud improves blood circulation and helps the skin regenerate, making it healthier.
El Janquillo is also the perfect place for hiking or cycling.

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Water Sports:

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