Aguas Verdes – Playa Del Valle

The Fascinating Hidden Natural Pools Of Aguas Verdes

Aguas Verdes is a small town made up of a tourist complex and a few scattered houses. The beach extends for about 200 meters and is characterized by dark-colored stones and gravel, which contrast sharply with the bright blue of the sea. However, the beach is not the area’s main attraction. What truly sets Aguas Verdes apart are its fascinating natural pools. At these pools, visitors can enjoy a peaceful soak in some of the most pristine waters on Fuerteventura. The waters are exceptionally clear and the best times for visiting and diving are during low to mid tide. During high tide the sea can enter the pools, making them turbulent. The Natural Pools of Aguas Verdes are located on the right of the beach. To reach them it is necessary to walk along a path between the cliffs and it is advisable to wear suitable footwear.


Playa Del Valle is located on the west coast of Fuerteventura. To reach it you need to take the road that leads to the village of Llanos de la Concepción and then follow another road towards the residential complex of Aguas Verdes.

Activities and Facilities

In Playa Del Valle, the sea often presents rough conditions and swimming is discouraged due to strong currents. However, visitors can seek tranquility in the soothing natural pools, which offer a serene counterpart to the turbulent sea. For those interested in geology, interesting rock formations can be observed nearby.
It is worth noting that Playa Del Valle lacks amenities such as bars, restaurants and other amenities.

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Water Sports:

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