Las Agujas – Puerto Remedios

Discover the Serenity of Las Agujas: A Lesser-known Beach in Corralejo

Playa Agujas boasts sections of white sand interspersed with rocky patches, presenting a unique landscape. Frequented more by locals than tourists, Las Agujas still possesses a distinct charm. However, the presence of nearby neglected structures combined with the beach’s rocky foundation can challenge swimmers, making it less appealing compared to the pristine neighboring beaches.
Swimming here requires caution due to the rocky seabed, especially at low tide. Providing a serene atmosphere away from the bustling crowds, the beach has its drawbacks. Notably, it’s overshadowed by nearby deteriorating abandoned buildings.


Situated in Corralejo, within the municipality of La Oliva on Fuerteventura island, Las Agujas is a small beach stretching for 200 meters. Nestled south of Corralejo, it lies close to Flag Beach.

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