webcam vista panoramica de Corralejo Roky Point

Surf live cam in Rocky Point surf spot in Corralejo, hosted by Hélène Holidays & Retreats.

Live cam in Corralejo, showing Rocky Point surf spot in the north-east of Fuerteventura.

This live webcam is perfectly positioned to observe the sea conditions in Corralejo bay, more precisely for Rocky Point spot also known as Punta Elena, one of the main surf spots in Fuerteventura and is located in the bay of Corralejo; It is a reef break that works in winter with swells from the N and NW when close-out waves form on the north coast and you cannot surf there.

The in-side part of the spot is suitable for all levels, it is usually very crowded and is also used by surf schools; both the left and the right are formed and perform best at high and medium tides. Further out there is the out-side of the spot that is reserved for the most experienced, it works with the big winter storms and forms straight waves of considerable size.

This fantastic view is hosted by Hélène Holidays and Retreats, the boutique hotel located on the seafront with direct access to the surf spot. Hélène Holidays and Retreats is not just another place to go on vacation. It is a magical destination, an oasis where our guests can enjoy a unique and unforgettable experience.

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