Risco del Paso

Lagoons & Water Sports: The Allure of Risco del Paso

Risco del Paso, a celestial portion of Sotavento, is celebrated for its long stretch of pale sand caressing calm, crystal-clear waters. Despite its windy nature, the beach stands out for its serene and lush environment, making it perfect for peaceful sunbathing. The lagoons that form depending on the phases of the moon become fascinating natural pools, with shallow waters. On less windy days it is possible to swim and play with the children.
At day’s end, a dunes walk during sunset is simply breathtaking, with the sun casting warm hues on the golden sand.


This emblematic beach of Fuerteventura is located on the southern coast between Costa Calma and Morro Jable, in the municipality of Pájara. The surrounding area is a treasure of biodiversity, sheltering many endemic and migratory birds. Moreover, it showcases unique xeophilous and halophilous vegetation.

Activities and Facilities

Risco del Paso is a haven for water sports lovers, particularly windsurfing, kitesurfing, and wing foiling. This is mainly because of its windy conditions and flat water lagoons. Centers like Ion Club are abundant, offering courses, equipment rental, and support. And while the beach is tranquil, it has a bar for refreshments and local food. On calm days, it’s a family-friendly spot, but when the wind picks up, it becomes a playground for water sports enthusiasts.

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