El Puertito de Lobos

Explore Enchanting Coves, Natural Pools, and Abundant Marine Life on Los Lobos Island

El Puertito de Lobos offers paradise-like settings with its beautiful coves and natural pools. Crystal-clear, aquamarine, and turquoise waters complement the fine white sand. A coral reef protects this nature reserve, teeming with marine life. El Puertito, with its inviting turquoise waters, ranks as one of Fuerteventura’s top attractions, making it perfect for snorkeling and family days immersed in nature.


You’ll find El Puertito de Lobos in the southern part of Los Lobos Island, just 4 kilometers away from Corralejo. Its few houses and a single restaurant enhance its remote and rustic charm. To visit El Puertito beach, take a ferry or water taxi from Corralejo’s port.

Activities and Facilities

A restaurant sits near the island’s pier. We recommend booking ahead or packing some snacks. You can easily explore Lobos Island on foot given its compact size.

Beach Facilities:

Water Sports:

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