Playa Marfolín – El Cotillo

Playa Marfolín: El Cotillo’s Urban Beach Paradise

Playa Marfolín, a 950-meter long urban beach in El Cotillo, boasts pristine white sand and is 30 meters wide. Protected by a natural coral reef, its waters are turquoise and crystal clear. As an essential part of the city’s urban landscape, it’s popular throughout the year, yet rarely becomes crowded. The beach is a favorite among families and locals, especially in the summer season.


Playa Marfolin is the main urban beach of Cotillo and can be reached on foot from the village. Nearby, there are hotels and shops, as well as waterfront restaurants and bars offering a wide range of dishes for visitors interested in sampling the local cuisine.


The nearby reef acts as a barrier against the waves, forming small, sheltered coves perfect for swimming and bathing. Marfolin beach is also family-friendly and great for children.

Beach Facilities:

Water Sports:

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