Playa Los Molinos

Find Serenity at Playa de Los Molinos: Fuerteventura's Relaxing Escape

Playa Los Molinos lies on Fuerteventura’s west coast near the mouth of a mostly dry stream. Small, irregular black stones make up most of the beach, and imposing cliffs surround it. In the calmer summer months, brown sand covers this tranquil and relaxing beach. However, rough waters often make swimming challenging.


Playa de Los Molinos is situated in the central-northern region of Fuerteventura, specifically within the municipality of Puerto del Rosario. Adjacent to the beach is El Puertito de Los Molinos. This charming village, consisting of just a few houses, is deeply rooted in traditions of fishing, farming, and pastoralism.

Activities and Facilities

During September and October, the renowned super tides of the Canary Islands, known as Las Mareas del Pino, offer a mesmerizing natural display. At low tide, the receding sea reveals breathtaking caves that visitors can explore on foot.
While the serene beach itself might not offer amenities, visitors can find solace and sustenance in a quaint restaurant nestled within the village.

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Beach Facilities:

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