Barlovento Beach

Unveiling Barlovento: Fuerteventura's Hidden Gem

Barlovento, one of the most expansive beaches in Pájara, spans six kilometers of golden sand. TIts wild and secluded environment presents a unique charm, attracting adventurers and peace seekers alike. The beach, with its vastness, also attracts naturists. There are strong sea currents in the area and swimming is therefore not recommended.


Barlovento is located in the south of Fuerteventura. To reach it, you will drive along a dirt road that leads from Morro Jable to Cofete. This journey, lasting approximately 40-50 minutes, poses some challenges: from navigating narrow sections to overcoming difficult terrain. It is best to opt for off-road vehicles for this adventure. Alternatively, you can take the public 4×4 bus to Cofete, which stops conveniently near the beach.

Activities and Facilities

Barlovento Beach, with its pristine and secluded setting, promises a private beach escapade like no other. Given the absence of services nearby, remember to bring refreshments with you. A quaint bar, nestled in a nearby slum, is just a kilometer away. While the journey can be challenging and facilities limited, Barlovento’s captivating beauty ensures your efforts will pay off.

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Water Sports:

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