Webcam in Jandia aiming at the El Matorral beach and the Jandia lighthouse in Morro Jable, the south-westernmost point of Fuerteventura island.

Located in the peninsula of Jandia , the El Matorral beach in Morro Jable is a long white sand beach, bordered by a salt marsh of Jandía, an unique coastal ecosystem that is regularly flooded by the tides. Its soil is made of clay slimes and thin sands compacted by the tidal flooding of the sea and colonized by salt-tolerant vegetation and plants able of enduring period of hours of being submerged.

The pictures of the Jandía webcam show the Jandia salt marsh in the foreground and next the El Matorral beach in Morro Jable.

The Jandía lighthouse divide the El Matorral beach into the naturist friendly area to the north, frequented by the nudist colony of Morro Jable, and the rest of the beach.

The live view of the webcam in Jandia, supplied by “El Balcon de Jandía” :


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