Discover Sacred Mountain of Tindaya thanks to live images transmitted by a webcam located in the nearby village.

Sacred place for ancient indigenous peoples of Fuerteventura, who considered that this Mountain had magical properties, Tindaya is of great archaeological and historical interest for numerous sculptures of footprints that ancient inhabitants of the island engraved in the rocks.

Although these enigmatic engravings called “podomorphs” still have not revealed the secret of its origin and meaning, it was noted that all the carvings face are pointing in the same direction, towards the South-East, precisely where it's possible to see from the top of Tindaya, in clear weather conditions, Teide mountain in Tenerife island and “Las Nieves” peak in Gran Canaria island. Therefore, it's supposed that podomorphs had a religious meaning and magical protective powers against the evil spirits that lived in these far-off worlds.

This webcam en Tindaya allow to check the current sky conditions in La Oliva municipality on Fuerteventura island.

webcam Tindaya Fuerteventura

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