Webcam in Puerto del Rosario, with south view to the Fuerteventura island major urban centre, being as well its capital and administrative center

Capital of Fuerteventura, Puerto del Rosario was until recently more an industrial and commercial area than a city with real tourist appeal. It's now changing as the local authorities have implemented ambitious plans to convert the city into a more tourist attractive place : revamp of the sea front promenade , opening of new tourism office, remodelling of the main streets, open-air sculptures exhibition throughout the capital and some others positive signs that Puerto del Rosario is trying to make the city more tourist-friendly.

The webcam in Puerto del Rosario is located in the Los Pozos district, at the southern of town.

Puerto del Rosario is also the main entry and exit point of the island, due to its commercial port and the nearby airport of Fuerteventura, located in El Matorral. The main harbour activity consist in freight transport, and recently it's receiving cruise ships too. The airport play a key role in passenger traffic.

This Puerto del Rosario webcam is showing live pictures of the urban area, allowing to check the real time weather conditions in the city, its harbour and the nearby Fuerteventura airport.

webcam Puerto del Rosario Fuerteventura

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