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This corner of paradise – one of the largest and most impressive beaches you could hope to find – is located in the northern part of the peninsula of Jandía. With its fourteen kilometres of pure, brilliant white sand, clear waters and wild waves, Cofete Beach is one of Fuerteventura’s most popular destinations.

This deserted beach feels separated from civilisation, although the small town of Cofete is not too far away and is home to a charming restaurant, a little viewpoint and a small gallery for local exhibitions. The villa of Gustav Winter (an important landowner in the early 1900s) makes for an interesting visit, along with some perfectly preserved dry stone cottages and a picturesque historic cemetery on the way down to the beach.

People looking to visit the beach will have to tackle a rather long journey over rocky terrain before they can enjoy the extraordinary views. The dirt track is long and winding, and although a skilful driver can get here by regular car, travelling in an off-road vehicle is advisable. There is also a 4x4 bus service, the guagua, linking Cofete and Puertito de la Cruz with Morro Jable. The journey takes around two hours.

From the Degollada Agua Oveja viewpoint, you can take in the impressive Jandía mountains, which hug the beach, providing jaw-dropping views. The beautiful, enigmatic beach, hidden away and protected by the massif chain, has inspired numerous famous writers and directors and brought magic to several films and books. On the way here, visitors can observe donkeys and goats freely grazing in the area around Cofete.

Cofete Beach has an untamed vibe, and its strong currents mean swimming here is extremely dangerous – however, watersports experts can surf in this wonderful spot. The good conditions for these activities prove appealing to both tourists and locals, really putting Cofete on the map.

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